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My family is my greatest inspiration but there are also writers, dreamers and  filmmakers I have met across Canada – story tellers and visionaries doing amazing work.




Andrew GreggAndrew Gregg has been making documentary films in Canada for 26 years. His latest work includes “THE NORSE: AN ARCTIC MYSTERY” for CBC “The Nature of Things;” “WIND RUSH” for CBC Doc Zone and “ACT TWO” for Rogers/Citytv.




Ava KarvonenAva Karvonen, founder owner and president at Reel Girls Media, is a twenty-year veteran in the media industry. Reel Girls Media has been recognized with more than 35 international awards and 65 worldwide screenings.



Kathleen ArnasonKathleen Arnason is a successful Canadian Author and motivational coach based out of Victoria BC.




Solveig Karina NordwallSolveig Karina Nordwall is a talented visual and musical artist who works in a variety of traditional mediums elegantly capturing the beauty and wonder that is nature. Most recently she has focused on marine life around Hawaii.


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