Me at Edibles by Karen Sidhu

I am new to video and am more inclined to stick to the writing and producing end of things. There are plenty of very talented professional videographers out there who have taken a life time to master this art. I will never be able to claim more than rudimentary ability as a videographer, but this doesn’t mean I won’t have fun with it.

I partnered with Ava Karvonen, owner and founder of Edmonton based Reel Girls Media on a documentary telling the story of the Battle of Moreuil Wood, one of the last cavalry charges of the Canadian Cavalry, near Amiens, France, on March 30th 1918. Currently revising the treatment for same.

Documentary Project Proposal Moreuil Wood

I am also working on a multimedia project, “Definding Canada” with sidekick and apprentice videographer, Jamer Buote. We will be gathering interviews with people across Canada on a quest to find and define an inclusive Canadian identity. Interviews can be found at the project You Tube Playlist.

Hoping to find funding for a little science fiction project called Paradigm Wars, but may simply write the book first. Project proposal looks great and looking forward to the prospect of working with Yvonne Mosley of Blue Dory Productions. Not ready to share it here yet.

Did my first complete video, from film to editing, for a song my eldest son wrote, produced and performed.  It was fun capturing the film footage and quite a compelling and absorbing process to edit it and integrate the images with the lyrics and music.

More to come – eventually.


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