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Virgo, born in the year of the Dragon, more specifically a Water Dragon. Raised three kids pretty much on my own.  (they are all happily launched on productive life and career paths that engage and inspire them)  Grandmother now too. Third generation female university graduate (BA and MA in International Studies) Parents were missionary brats (Japan and India) and my formative years were spent in Liberia and Pakistan. Did twelve years of military service (Naval Officer) and beat breast cancer in 2003.

So why did I decide to set up Leadmark Media as a retirement career? Several reasons. First and foremost, because I can. I have a small pension, own my compact SUV outright, my home is more than half paid for, and I have accumulated the digital resources to produce pretty much whatever I am inspired to create. Second, I believe humanity is badly in need of a change, an alternate paradigm for doing business, for interacting and sharing this amazing planet we call home. If I plant enough ideas, connect a few interesting people here and there, and lay the foundation of a few key projects with potential to grow and encourage others to follow this example, I can make a constructive difference. One person can change the world. History confirms this over and over again. It’s funny though. People often shrug in the face of big issues like climate change and lament that nothing they do will make a difference and yet we love science fiction that involves time travel and the dilemma of a simple little change in the past, like a crushed butterfly, could change life today as we know it.

Finally, and most important in many ways, I enjoy creativity and story telling and this seems like an interesting way to have fun.

Love the outdoors, year round. Own a couple of sea kayaks and a hybrid bicycle. Enjoy camping but the days of roughing it in a tiny tent on a one inch foam mattress are over.  Once my knees are repaired or healed I also plan to head back to the snow covered slopes and trails. Did a three month solo road trip from Victoria BC to St. Johns Nfld last year and planning to launch a full solo road tour of ALL of Canada – six to twelve months – sometime in the next year or so.

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