lead´mark n.Light House Circle (navigational) a fixed point of reference, to lead a vessel in making a safe passage, ahead of and in line with a chosen course; an aid for turning onto and steering that chosen course; used also to mark clearing bearings (cf.) past known but unmarked shoals and other dangers.


Welcome to Leadmark Media, a simple, BC based proprietorship dedicated to developing digital and traditional media projects, alone and in strategic partnerships,  that contribute to a positive and sustainable future for individuals, communities and our planet.

My underlying philosophy includes a belief that entertainment can and has been used by industry, governments and theologians to change how people think, influence their choices, and even alter their values and beliefs.  The practice predates modern communication technology but todays highly portable digital media has taken this pervasive practice to new heights (and/or depths).

So, if you can’t beat them, may as well use their own methods and resources to counter their efforts. Time to challenge consumerism gone mad, and draw constructive attention to pressing issues like climate change, environmental degradation, displaced humanity, a growing food and fresh water crisis, and, and, and, the list could go on and on.

I will be looking at film, publishing, gaming and maybe even music as platforms for story telling and sharing that plant good, sustainable ideas and values, one at a time.

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